Top Ten 劳伦 Bacall Films

Lindsay 是一个 working actress 和 honors graduate of Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre: Film/PG电子游戏.

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劳伦·巴考尔的时候, 最性感和独立的银幕警笛. 从她登上银幕的那一刻起,她就成了明星, 在她第一次出演电影角色后就一举成名. 因其迷人的凝视而被称为“The Look”, she immediately became known as one of the few actresses capable of holding her own opposite even the toughest of Hollywood leading men. 其中一位男主角成为了她最伟大的银幕搭档, 以及 her greatest love; the king of film noir, 亨弗莱·鲍嘉. Their relationship (onscreen 和 off) has since become known as one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories.

但劳伦·白考尔的故事并不是以博吉开始和结束的. 这位傲慢的女主角还独自出演了各种各样的电影, 包括戏剧, 冒险, 喜剧, 和 even melodramatic romances. She 也 managed to conquer Broadway, winning a Tony Award for her leading role in the musical, 掌声. 她一直活跃在好莱坞,直到89岁去世, appearing in films such as, 影片《沃克, 她还把自己独特的沙哑嗓音用在了动画电影中,比如 哈尔的移动城堡. And although her trademark stare may have originally been borne out of nerves (holding her head down 是 the only way to stop 自己 from shaking), to see 劳伦 Bacall onscreen, you’d never suspect that anything could ever rattle this intelligent 和 most enduring of bombshells.

FYI: I chose the order of my 劳伦 Bacall top ten by considering each film's importance in 劳伦’s overall career, the size/importance of her role in them, 他们今天的总体受欢迎程度可以从他们在诸如, IMDB, 网飞公司, 和烂番茄. Naturally, feel free to watch them in any order you like (this is merely a recommended top ten). You might watch them in the order listed here, chronologically (like I did), 或者在某种程度上符合你自己的电影品味. 如果你发现劳伦·白考尔最喜欢的电影不见了, 请随意发表评论,解释为什么你会推荐它.

Top 10 劳伦 Bacall Films

  1. 拥有和没有
  2. 大睡
  3. 基拉
  4. 黑暗的通道
  5. 写在风中
  6. Murder On The Orient Express
  7. 火焰在印度
  8. 设计的女人
  9. 血胡同
  10. 拿着号角的年轻人

1. “拥有和没有” (1944)

Without needing to exaggerate, 拥有和没有 是这部电影单枪匹马改变了劳伦的生活吗. Not only 是 it her film de但, 这是, 也, 这部电影让她认识了一生的挚爱, 亨弗莱·鲍嘉. Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway, 在这部改编的电影中,故事情节和人物都发生了巨大的变化. The most notable difference is the change in setting (so as not to upset FDR’s Good Neighbor Policy). 所以,比起古巴, 拥有和没有 故事发生在法国沦陷后不久的马提尼克岛的法兰西堡. Bogart stars as Harry Morgan, a fishing captain 谁 is, 不情愿地, 被法国抵抗组织招募来偷渡逃犯到岛上. 劳伦 plays Marie “Slim” Browning, 一个美国扒手,由于缺乏资金而被困在岛上. 当然, Slim 和 Harry soon start a romance 和 the sizzling chemistry of these two stars is the real reason to watch this movie. 劳伦扮演的斯利姆的角色部分是基于导演, Howard Hawks’ wife (也, 称为苗条), 谁, 实际上, had a h和 in bringing 劳伦 to her husb和’s attention in the first place (she saw 劳伦’s picture on the cover of Harper's Bazaar 和 asked Hawks to screen-test her). Despite being a mere 19 years old at the time, 劳伦散发出一种厌世的自信作为烟雾和神秘的Slim, 在她的第一个场景中,她立即确立了她独特的银幕形象. 事实上, her old soul quality makes the sizable age difference between her 和 Bogie (谁 是 45 at the time) almost imperceptible. 简而言之, 拥有和没有 是一个 well-written drama with smart, 但是令人难忘的对话, it, 也, 这是一个难得的机会来见证两位演员, 实际上, 在镜头前坠入爱河.

2. 《长眠夜》(1946)

Made to capitalize on the success of 拥有和没有, 大睡,劳伦与鲍嘉和导演霍华德·霍克斯重聚. 改编自雷蒙德·钱德勒著名的同名小说, 这部电影以其荒谬复杂的情节而闻名. 但, 再一次, the real attraction of this film is watching the interactions between Bogie 和 Bacall, 充满了性张力和双关语. The story revolves around detective Phillip Marlowe (Bogart) as he's hired by the wealthy Sternwood family on a routine investigation of the youngest daughter’s gambling debts. The family’s eldest daughter, 维维安(劳伦), 也, 询问一位值得信赖的家庭朋友的神秘失踪. All of this seems fairly routine to Marlowe, until this st和ard case, 出乎意料地, turns into a murder investigation. Originally made in 1945, 大睡 是, 实际上, withheld from release for a year to make way for last minute wartime dramas to hit theaters before WWII ended. 部分原因是这一决定所允许的额外时间, 这部电影几乎有一半是在拍摄前重新剪辑和拍摄的, 最后, 发布. Most of the edits revolved around better showcasing the chemistry of 劳伦 和 Bogie 和 their plan, 当然, 成功. 请注意, you may need a notepad if you, 实际上, 要完全了解剧情(人物的绝对数量), 独自一人, is enough to make your head spin). 但是,幸运的是, 大睡 是那种连你都不知道剧情走向的电影吗, you’ll still enjoy the ride.

3. “基”(1948)

改编自麦克斯韦·安德森的同名舞台剧, this borderline claustrophobic film 是 the fourth 和 final movie 劳伦 would make opposite her husb和, 亨弗莱·鲍嘉. 这部电影的主角是一群令人难以置信的一线演员, 包括, not only Bogie 和 Bacall, 但爱德华G. Robinson, Lionel Barrymore, 和 Claire Trevor (谁 won an Oscar for her performance). 与类型, 这一次,劳伦将扮演一个更加脆弱的角色, that of vulnerable widow, 诺拉寺庙. Bogie扮演Frank McCloud, Nora已故丈夫George的指挥官. 部分原因是对战争中乔治之死的愧疚, Frank has come to 基拉 to visit Nora, 以及, George’s wheelchair-bound father (Barrymore). 诺拉和她的公公在岛上经营一家破旧的小旅馆, 但弗兰克的到来正好赶上酒店的淡季. However, a strange group of men have paid extra to keep the hotel open for their private use. It doesn’t seem that suspicious at first, until one of the local policemen goes missing. It turns out that the men at the hotel are gangsters, led by the infamous Johnny Rocco (Robinson). With a hurricane looming, Rocco 和 company keep Frank 和 the others hostage while they're forced to wait out the storm. Trapped together in the rickety hotel, 紧张局势继续升级,谁也不知道谁会先退缩. 与最初的舞台作品大不相同, 基拉 is still a pretty solid drama. Directed by the legendary John Huston, the film took only 78 days to shoot 和, 有趣的是, the film’s final confrontation 是, 实际上, 根据劳伦另一部电影的原著结尾: 拥有和没有.

4. “暗通道”(1947)

The third of 劳伦 和 Bogie’s pairings, 黑暗的通道 is, 可能, 这是他们四部电影中最浪漫的一部, 显示了一个柔软的一面的转向架/巴考尔动态. 根据这部小说, 黑暗的道路 由大卫。我, the film stars Bogie as Vincent Parry, 一个被误判谋杀罪的人成功越狱, 但现在必须在当局接近他的下落之前证明他的清白. 劳伦 plays the part of Irene Jansen, a woman 谁 takes pity on Vincent’s plight due to her late father’s own wrongful conviction. 在艾琳的帮助下, 文森特更有可能逃脱追捕, 但 how long can he possibly stay hidden when his face is plastered across every newspaper in the city? Filmed on location in San Francisco, 黑暗的通道 是一个, 特别是, 独特的电影, 在那张照片中,鲍嘉的脸有一半以上都隐藏在镜框之外. This unusual technique 是一个chieved by 拍摄 a good portion of the film from Vincent’s point-of-view (called the subjective camera). It's a pretty impressive undertaking, 考虑到现代的“斯蒂尼康”甚至还没有发明. Probably the best thing about the use of the subjective camera in this film is that it provides a great showcase for Bogie’s 联合主演s 和 they all live up to the task. Both 劳伦 和 Agnes Moorehead (迷惑了) have memorable performances in this film, as do a number of skilled character actors. Though more understated than some of 劳伦’s other movies, if you like quiet character pieces, 黑暗的通道 is, definitely, the one to see.

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5. “写在风中” (1956)

Directed by Douglas Sirk, 写在风中 经常被认为是20世纪50年代情节剧的代表作. Somewhat of a precursor to PG电子游戏 shows like, 达拉斯王朝, this glossy 和 stylized movie is based on the book of the same name by Robert Wilder. 这本书实际上, a thinly veiled account of a real sc和al involving 1930’s torch singer Libby Holman 和 her tobacco-heir husb和, 扎卡里·史密斯雷诺兹. 在电影中, 劳伦 plays (Libby's equivalent) Lucy, 一个女人被两个最好的朋友追求:一个富人和一个穷人. Lucy, quickly, falls for the “rich one”, Kyle (Robert Stack), the privileged son of an oil baron. 这对情侣享受着旋风式的恋爱,很快就结婚了, 使米奇大为吃惊(罗克·哈德森), 凯尔努力工作的最好的朋友(和前面提到的“可怜的那个”). 米奇希望在凯尔抓住露西之前和她发展关系, 但, 而不是, 他不得不拒绝凯尔刻薄的小妹妹的求爱, 玛丽莉(由奥斯卡获奖演员多萝西·马龙饰演). 凯尔和露西经过了一年平静幸福的婚姻生活, something 突然 changes between them. Seemingly out of nowhere, 凯尔以前的酗酒倾向又开始出现了, with Lucy having no idea why. 随着凯尔开始越来越深地陷入酗酒的抑郁之中, he threatens to destroy, 不仅自己, 但 everyone that he holds dear.

6. “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974)

改编自阿加莎·克里斯蒂的同名经典小说, this elegant 谁dunit is often remembered as the ultimate ensemble piece (with good reason). 这部电影的特点是几乎闻所未闻的一系列一线明星,包括, 迈克尔·约克, 肖恩•康纳利, 安东尼·珀金斯, 凡妮莎·雷德格雷夫, 阿尔伯特·芬尼, 英格丽·褒曼, 杰奎琳Bisset, 约翰吉尔古德, 理查德Widmark, 和, 当然, 劳伦, 自己. 故事发生在1930年代, 这部电影的情节围绕着一个成功的商业大亨的谋杀展开, which just so happens to take place while he 是 traveling on the famed Orient Express. 现在, fellow passenger 和 master detective Hercule Poirot must solve the murder before the train reaches its destination 和 his suspects disperse. 但 that suspect list begins to grow longer when the murdered business tycoon is exposed as a murderer, 自己. Director Sidney Lumet does a fine job filling this passenger train with a load of genuinely suspicious-looking characters. And everyone in this large ensemble cast gives a performance worthy of a part much larger than the ones they’re, 实际上, 鉴于. 劳伦, for one, 是一个t her witty 和 sophisticated best as the motor-mouthed socialite, Mrs. Harriet Hubbard, 谁 might, 实际上, be hiding more than her talkative nature implies. 也, 38-year-old 阿尔伯特·芬尼, 几乎, 消失在他50岁比利时侦探的角色中. 但, it's 英格丽·褒曼’s performance as the timid Greta that deserves particular praise, 她因为在影片中扮演了最小的角色而获得了奥斯卡奖. 阿加莎·克里斯蒂还活着时就被释放了, this stylish movie is said to be the only adaptation of her work that she approved of, 这对这位神秘大师来说可不是个小赞美, 自己.

7. “火焰在印度” (1959)

也许更广为人知的是它的英国名字 (西北边境), 火焰在印度 可以说是英国版的西部片. Taking that even further, it, 实际上, shares some similarities with the Western classic, 公共马车 (which might be more than a coincidence, 因为这部电影是由帕特里克·福特合写的, 约翰·福特之子, the original director of 公共马车). Set in the early 1900’s, 火焰在印度 takes place in the North West Frontier Province of “British India”, which is now modern Pakistan. 当一场穆斯林起义威胁到年轻印度教王子的生命时, Captain Scott of the British Army (Kenneth More) is entrusted with taking the boy to safety in faraway Kalapur. The child’s American governess, Catherine Wyatt (劳伦), 也, 坚持要来, as do a host of eclectic civilian characters, each with their own specific reasons. 这群人完成这趟危险旅程的唯一途径就是坐火车,但是, 唯一可用的是一辆被遗弃的旧火车头,叫做印度女皇号, maintained by its loving driver, 古普塔. 火焰在印度 特色一些非常令人印象深刻的战斗和冒险场景, 但它, 也, manages to remember its characters along the way (very refreshing for an adventure flick). 劳伦 gives a strong performance as the elegant 和 stubborn Catherine Wyatt 和 she’s bolstered by the presence of a number of great British character actors, 包括 Wilfrid Hyde-White (谁m American audiences may recognize from his role as Colonel Pickering in 窈窕淑女). 这是一个非常棒的冒险故事,有着引人入胜的角色, this 是一个 little known movie that is, 当然, 值得你花时间.

8. “设计的女人” (1957)

Directed by Vincente Minnelli, this light romantic comedy 是一个 refreshing change of pace from the more serious fare 劳伦 is often known for. She stars as Marilla Brown, a successful fashion designer 谁 meets sports writer Mike Hagen (Gregory Peck) while vacationing in California. 两人一见如故,假期还没结束就结婚了. 但当这对新婚夫妇回到他们共同的家乡纽约时, they slowly begin to realize how little they, 实际上, 互相了解. 他们很快发现,他们的生活在截然不同的轨道上. 私生活方面, 劳伦 是 going through the difficult struggle of witnessing husb和 亨弗莱·鲍嘉’s losing battle with throat cancer 但, 拍摄 设计的女人 proved to be a blessing for her psyche. Working on this charming, witty comedy 是 just what the doctor ordered 和 did much to lift her spirits (和 remained one of her personal favorites). 老实说,很难不喜欢这部快节奏、轻松愉快的电影. The chemistry between Peck 和 劳伦 is irresistible 和 这是 really a shame the two didn’t pair up more often onscreen.

9. “血巷”(1955)

故事发生在共产主义中国, th是一个dventure yarn pairs 劳伦 opposite the larger-than-life John Wayne 和 (as usual) 劳伦 proves 自己 more than capable of holding her own opposite her masculine 联合主演. 电影改编自阿尔伯特·西德尼·弗莱什曼的同名小说, 血胡同 stars Wayne as Tom Wilder, 一个被中国长期囚禁的疯狂船长, 突然, (和 出乎意料地) rescued. He discovers that his rescuers are from a nearby village 和 that one of the founders of the rescue is American missionary, 凯茜固安捷(劳伦). Cathy explains to Tom that the villagers hoped that he would agree to ferry them to Hong Kong. That means taking on the near impossible task of smuggling an entire village out of Communist China. 但, how can Captain Wilder possibly transport the villagers out of China when he doesn’t even have a boat to do it with? 即使有一艘船,他们怎么能悄无声息地通过中国军队? 由韦恩自己的制作公司(Batjac 生产s)制作, 血胡同 是, 实际上, shot far away from China in San Francisco Bay, 在一个名为“中国营”(现在是一个国家公园)的地区附近. 这部电影有许多可爱的小角色, 包括善意的苏苏(乔伊·金饰)和抽雪茄的人, American-educated engineer, 中村策略(亨利). It's worth seeing if just to witness some of the fairly ingenious methods the villagers use in their attempts to escape.

10. “Young Man With a Horn” (1950)

Directed by Michael Curtiz, 拿着号角的年轻人 通常被认为是第一部主要的好莱坞爵士乐电影. 根据多萝西·贝克的同名小说改编, 这个故事是, 实际上, inspired by the life of Bix Beiderbecke, a well-respected jazz cornet player. The film reunites 劳伦 with her 拥有和没有 联合主演, 大型三明治卡迈克尔, 以及, former schoolmate Kirk Douglas (the two attended the American Academy of 戏剧tic Arts together). Douglas stars as Rick Martin, 他是一位受人尊敬的爵士音乐家指导的终身小号演奏家, 艺术正义前锋 (Juano Hern和ez). Ever since he 是 a small boy, Rick has lived for playing the trumpet 和 nothing else. 但当他爱上孤僻独立的艾米·诺斯(劳伦饰), 里克的生活和他之前所有的哲学都被改变了, 完全, 上下颠倒的. 劳伦在艾米这个关键角色中的表演令人难忘, 但 the film really belongs to Kirk Douglas 谁 pours his heart 和 soul into his performance as Rick. 然而,, 是华诺·赫尔南德斯为这部电影注入了活力, 作为瑞克深爱的导师,他的表演既温暖又令人心碎, 艺术正义前锋. 拿着号角的年轻人 爵士乐发行后不久就成为主流音乐,这是不是运气好, 使其专辑登上了公告牌排行榜的冠军. 肯定, any jazz fans 谁 watch this film today will be drooling over the soundtrack within the first twenty minutes.


Inspired by a creative mixture of the plays The Greeks Had A Word For It Zoe Akins和 疯子 通过戴尔尤恩森 & 凯瑟琳·艾伯特 How To Marry a Millionaire 是 the one 劳伦 Bacall film I knew I couldn’t finish this list without (和 fans of this film would never forgive me). 这部电影讲述了Schatze (劳伦)的事迹。, 疯子(贝蒂Grable), 和 Pola (Marilyn Monroe), three friends 谁 buy a luxurious penthouse apartment (that they can barely afford) in order to attract successful businessmen. 具体来说,这些女孩是在钓百万富翁. 但, 女孩们追逐着嫁给百万富翁的梦想, 他们每个人都, 最终, 不得不决定金钱是否真的比爱情更重要. The first film ever filmed in widescreen Cinemascope (但, oddly, the second one to be 发布), How To Marry a Millionaire’s unusual full-blown orchestral opening 是 designed as an introduction to the new widescreen format. 看现在, 的性能, 坦率地说, lasts a little bit longer than it should, 但如果能欣赏一下接下来的可爱喜剧,这是值得的. 不幸的是, 劳伦's more grounded role as Schatze gets a little overshadowed by the showier antics of her blonde 联合主演s. 但, 不管, 劳伦是这三个拜金女中聪明的领导者, 扮演一个完美的直男,同时还拥有自己辛辣的幽默感. While Marilyn Monroe may be the name most people associate with this light-hearted comedy, 劳伦·白考尔(劳伦 Bacall)和贝蒂·格拉布尔(Betty Grable)的粉丝们可以尽情欣赏. It's a hilarious romp featuring three charismatic stars at the peak of their talents. And if you’re a fan of any of the film's leading ladies, there’s simply no excuse to miss it.

If you would like to learn more about the incredible life of the iconic 劳伦·巴考尔的时候, I highly recommend her own 2006 autobiography, 《PG电子游戏》还有其他的, 以及, her 2012 "update", 现在.


©2012 林赛Blenkarn


内森碧玉 from Sylva, NC on June 24, 2016:

《PG电子游戏平台》让我从头到尾都坐立不安. Older movies have that sense of realism 和 suspense that most movies don't have anymore. 伟大的列表!

林赛Blenkarn (author) from Nashville, TN on October 28, 2012:

So happy you enjoyed the list 和 I hope you have fun watching the ones that you haven't seen yet! :) "拥有和没有" is one of my favorites too. 我一直觉得他们给儿子取名史蒂夫很贴心. 不过我从来没听说过巴考尔在现实生活中这么叫转轴! 这是更甜蜜! :)

If I'm remembering correctly, I believe that the nickname "史蒂夫" 是 another thing that Howard Hawks based on his wife. 我想她叫他“史蒂夫”,所以他给斯利姆这个角色加上了这个怪癖.

雪莉hewin 2012年10月27日,从山脉山麓,CA:

I love 劳伦·巴考尔的时候, 和 拥有和没有 has to be one of my all-time favorite movies. I recall that in that movie, although the character's name 是 Harry, she called Bogie's character "史蒂夫."

In her autobiography 劳伦 Bacall revealed that in their private moments together she often called her husb和 史蒂夫. 他们的儿子也被取名为史蒂夫.

This 是一个 wonderful list. 这些电影我都看过,但有几部我没看过. I'll have to take care of that.

林赛Blenkarn (author) from Nashville, TN on October 06, 2012:

I'm glad you enjoyed the Hub! :) I, 实际上, 通过我的网飞公司账号看了《火焰笼罩印度, 所以我知道他们, 至少, have it on their DVD plan. 他们把它列在另一个名字"西北边疆"下,所以, 当你搜索它的时候,在那个名字下查找它.

科格森实际上是我最早的追随者之一! 哈哈! 我也跟随他,所以我对他的作品非常熟悉. Thanks for the recommendation, though! :D

玛丽凯悦 from Florida on October 06, 2012:

我很喜欢读你写的关于劳伦·白考尔的文章. 我一直爱着她. I've never seen "火焰在印度". 我只是想看看能不能在网飞公司上看到.

PG电子游戏有另一个Hubber,他写关于电影明星的文章,并对他们进行评论. You might like to read his Hub. 寻找Cogerson.


林赛Blenkarn (author) from Nashville, TN 2012年5月11日:

一点也不麻烦! I figured an actress of 劳伦 Bacall's caliber deserved all the praise 和 honor I could possibly heap her way. And I agree with your statement 谁leheartedly! She really is in a class all her own. 我希望你们喜欢《火焰漫过印度》,我很高兴我的中心对你们有帮助! :D

史蒂夫 2012年5月11日:

Bacall 是一个n icon of acting 和 class that will forever be emulated 但 never duplicated. I am watching 火焰在印度 right now (streaming from 网飞公司 at the time of this note) 和 paused to look up some info. 谢谢你为纪念她而做出的努力!

林赛Blenkarn (author) from Nashville, TN on March 07, 2012:

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my hub! :) I love "拥有和没有" 和 that Bogie/Bacall box set sounds like a great one to own! 我希望你有机会看看名单上的其他一些人. It looks like "拿着号角的年轻人" 和 "写在风中" are on the TCM schedule for April so, maybe you check those two out then! :),但, 如果你喜欢《PG电子游戏》中的谋杀悬疑情节, 我觉得你会喜欢《PG电子游戏》的. Thanks so much for the comment 和 votes!

布莱恩Dooling from Connecticut on March 07, 2012:

很棒的电影列表! 劳伦 Bacall 是一个n amazing actress, 我那天晚上刚好看到中医《PG电子游戏平台》的结尾, i 也 recently got all four films (number 1-4) in your list of Bogart 和 Bacall movies in a box set for christmas, they are great films to watch, 特别是《PG电子游戏》和《PG电子游戏平台》, 我得试试你推荐的她的其他电影! Voted up, awesome 和 intersting!